I’m ‘Midja’ and I have over 20 years’ experience in the corporate world as a partner of an ASX national law firm and learning and development specialist.

I’m a dynamic speaker who delivers high energy, engaging presentations to my audience. I have a diverse client base in industries such as law, engineering, finance, property and education. I understand the challenges clients face in building leadership capability within their organisations and I inspire leaders to leverage their strengths to gain the confidence and courage they need to become leaders worth following.

I’m the author of 2 books, ‘Confidence – How To Be Your Most Authentic, Courageous and Unshakeable Self’ and ‘Great Lawyer to Great Leader’.

Previous keynotes include:

  • SAP – Women In Leadership Luncheon, Unshakeable Confidence, 2018
  • IFAA Director Education Conference, Building High Trust, 10 & 11 May 2018
  • Australasian Legal Practice Management Association (ALPMA) Presentation, Legal Leadership, 2018
  • Positive Impact Event, Women in Educational Leadership, The Balancing Act, 2018
  • Female Entrepreneurs Breakfast, Unshakeable Confidence, 2018
  • Australian Lawyers Alliance Conference, Building Trust Through Ethical Leadership, 2019
  • MAF 5+ – Media Federation, Critical Thinking for Leaders, Sydney and Melbourne, 2019
  • Stirling Andersen and RSM Women In Business Event, Unshakeable Confidence, 2019
  • Crown Leadership, Moving Up to Leadership for Women, 2019

Why me?

Are you seeking an authentic, high energy speaker and storyteller for your next event or team meeting?

Are you looking for someone who engages your audience and inspires action?

Keynote Topics: Choose from one of my signature keynotes, or ask for customisation:

Leading in the Future: In a complex and disruptive world, senior leaders are forced to cut-through the noise and be responsive to change, more than ever. The expectations of emerging talent and the rate of technological change means that a new leadership mind-set and skillset is needed. In this engaging and interactive session, participants will identify the 4 key attitudes future leaders will need to gain commitment and top performance from their people.

Confidence – How to Become Unshakeable: With 50% of women in leadership positions feeling that they do not have the confidence they need to succeed in their role and only 16% of CEOs being women, it’s time for female leaders to gain the self-belief and skills they need to take their seat at the leadership table. In this practical and engaging session, participants will learn the 3 steps to double their confidence as a leader, increasing their influence and presence in their organisation and industry.

High Trust – The Foundation of Leadership: More than ever employees want to work with a leader who they can have absolute faith in. In this insightful presentation, participants will learn why trust matters and identify the 6 Trust Rules they must follow to amplify their influence and trust to retain, attract and engage their people.

Great Lawyer to Great Leader: Great lawyers are known for their legal expertise, scepticism and autonomy, knowing all the answers and giving the right advice. All great traits for a lawyer but not always for a leader. When lawyers move into a leadership position, it can be challenging for them to make the shift from expert to coach, from knowing the right answers to knowing the right questions and from focusing on themselves to focusing on the team. In this session for the legal profession, participants will identify how to shift from lawyer to leader mind-set and gain practical tools to gain confidence as a legal leader.

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What Others Have Said

“Midja is an incredible speaker and walks her talk on being authentic, having confidence and the courage to be yourself. Her message resonates with a broad range of audiences who are trying to prepare for the future of work in a world of disruption and change. Midja lights up a room and is a fun, insightful and memorable speaker for any event or workshop.”

Jane Anderson, Personal Brand Expert

“I was lucky to attend one of Midja’s talks on unshakable confidence. Midja represented the unshakable women she wants us all to become. Her presentation was well thought out and delivered with vibrancy. Midja showed all the characteristics she values in leaders: she is positive, reflective, caring and engaging. An authentic speaker with a natural ability to engage with the audience. Highly recommended.”

Ines Epari, Principal Engineer, ERM

“Midja’s presentation on Unshakable Confidence was awesome. Midja lit up the room with her panache and witty style. I especially loved her example of “Tinkerbell Magic” – go and hear her speak and you’ll find out more.”

Caroline Carter, ESO

“Midja has mentored me and spoken at recent events I have attended at, both recently and over the years. Midja is a fabulous, strong, confident, inspiring woman with an amazing ability to captivate an audience, change lives and change thought processes (including my own).”

Diane Masselos, Managing Director, CGA law

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