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  • Leadership Programs
  • Professional Women’s Mentoring
  • Great Lawyer to Great Leader Program
  • Keynote Speaking and MC
  • Company Culture and Values
  • Belbin Team Roles
  • Minessence Values Framework

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By being yourself, you put something wonderful

in the world that was not there before.

Edwin Elliot

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Networking is not a dirty word
In this video, I discuss the importance of nurturing a strong relationship with your fellow leaders in your organisation.
authentic leadership
In this video, I stress the importance of believing that your people are your most valuable asset instead of a disposable asset that you can throw away when times get tough.
what do you know for sure
What do you do when self-judgment comes knocking at your front door?  
I'm stuck
The only way through is through – 3 steps to dealing with life’s challenging times.
Compliance or Commitment

Who Can We Trust?

The big question we are all asking ourselves in this time of change, disruption and unethical decision making is –  Who Can We Trust?  
The Perfect Imperfect Leader
In this video I discuss the steps leaders can take to communicate effectively and make their messages stick.  

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