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  • Leadership Programs
  • Professional Women’s Retreats and Mentoring
  • Lawyer to Leader Program
  • Keynote Speaking and MC
  • Company Culture and Values
  • Belbin Team Roles
  • Minessence Values Framework

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By being yourself, you put something wonderful

in the world that was not there before.

Edwin Elliot


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Why Leaders Need to Step into Centre Position
In this video, I discuss the need for leaders to ‘get amongst it’ and step into the centre of their organisations to connect and find out what is really going on in their business.  
finding your rhythm in life and leadership
In this video I explain the importance of finding the right rhythm in life and in leadership.  
4 Ways Great Leaders Handle Their Mistakes
In this video, I share the 4 top tips to handling your mistakes as a leader to gain the respect and trust of your people.
Compliance or Commitment
I explain in this video the difference between compliance versus commitment from your people.
Why great leadership needs curiosity
I explain in this video why great leadership needs curiosity – a passion for wanting to learn more.
how do you measure your self-worth
In this video I share my top tips to ensure that your self-worth is measured internally rather than by a particular role that you play.

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